ITF Association

Effecting positive change in Workers’ Compensation through the views of Alberta employers

ITF (Industry Task Force) Association

Effecting positive change in Workers’ Compensation through the views of Alberta employers 

The benefits of membership


Membership in the ITF Association provides the opportunity to directly influence the direction of WCB policy, legislation and application. 

Individual members also benefit from valuable networking opportunities with WCB, Appeals Commission and government officials, as well as other Association members. 


Members participate in an active network of professions with backgrounds in a wide range of disciplines including human resources, disability management, health & safety and operational management. This broad based membership brings together individuals with extensive knowledge and expertise in WCB matters, and who routinely share leading edge information and best practice from an employer perspective.

In addition to networking opportunities, members receive timely communication on issues impacting workers compensation and have access to ITF Association resources and member development opportunities.  


Member perspectives

Ken Gibson:

The 2000 member companies of the Alberta Construction Association benefit tremendously from our membership with the ITF; through the ITF we access a wealth of industry expertise on the impacts of WCB on employers, we obtain regular meetings with the Minister responsible for the WCB and with senior staff of the WCB, and we see first-hand how the scrutiny and recommendations of the ITF positively impact the policies and accountability of the WCB

Sandra Smale:

ITF provides me with the opportunity, not just as an individual organization, but as part of an industry association, to have both insight and input to the workers’ compensation system. I value the ITF’s relationship with the WCB’s senior management and the exchange of ideas and information with the WCB and my fellow members

Richard Gerow:

Having direct access to the CEO, COO, CFO and Board of Directors (of WCB) is invaluable, and I have personally spent time with each of these individuals to discuss my concerns and questions.  Having the ability to talk directly to the people who are making decisions which affect our business unit is unprecedented and an extremely valuable tool when we come up against a problem, or wish our voice to be heard…